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21 December, 2016


Red Sea Research Center


Graphic image for the ICMERS, International Conference on the Marine Environment of the Red Sea”


Saudi Arabia


The corporate elements have been created to represent the International Conference on the Marine Environment of the Red Sea on the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

The idea was to make an image that symbolize the marine environment and at the same time the arabic identity culture.
Therefore we decided deconstructing some elements of the debate in this conference like the butterfly fish, the coral, the seagrass or diatoms in triangles to simulate the mosaic.

Arab culture has an aesthetic rich in multicolored ornaments, reliefs and textures that has allowed them over the centuries to cover almost any space endowing a unique identity and personality. The arabesque is a fundamental element of Islamic art but they develop what was already a long tradition by the coming of Islam. The artistic decoration consisting of “surface decorations based on rhythmic linear patterns of scrolling. It usually consists of a single design which can be ’tiled’ or seamlessly repeated as many times as desired. Using that idea with different colors and sizes, we express also the great biodiversity of the Red Sea. Thus we could show at the same time some icons of the conference with an arab identity.

An identity is more than just a logo. A logo is part of an identity system, and you need to get all parts of that system working together.